India vs Pakistan Live weather report of match in Colombo today, Reserve day allotted Asia cup 2023 drama continues

Rain forecasting in the Ind vs Pak match in Colombo on 10th Sept. As the first high voltage match between India and Pakistan, the all-time biggest rivalries in the cricketing field were washed away by the rain on the 2nd of September this month. The fans were super excited to watch their favorite teams qualifying…

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Chandrayaan 3 Landing on the Moon: A Moment of Pride and Emotion for Every Indian

The night sky held its breath as India achieved another remarkable feat in its space exploration journey. Chandrayaan 3, the third mission of the Chandrayaan series, successfully landed on the moon’s surface, igniting an overwhelming sense of pride and emotion among every Indian. This monumental achievement not only showcases India’s technological prowess but also reaffirms…

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Angelina Jolie in Kashmir, Revealed Top 5 Destinations-Kashmir Shines Bright

Angelina Jolie The queen of Hollywood is a travel freak Angelina Jolie, the evergreen Hollywood actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian, is not only known for her exceptional talent. But also for her love for travel. Additionally, over the years, she has explored numerous destinations across the globe, and some places have captured her heart more than…

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Late Nights dal lake-kashmir

Top Travel Destinations for Indians: Kashmir Tourism to Break Records in 2023 After G20

Introduction To Kashmirani Best time to visit Kashmir after G20 India has always attracted travelers with its rich cultural heritage and diverse landscapes. The picturesque valley of Kashmir is one of India’s many jewels. As can be seen, is also one of the world’s most magical places. Altogether Kashmir is a popular destination for travelers because of its…

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